September 10th-12th, 2015

Harvest Market Hop is a vendor-organized, online wholesale needlework trade show.

A list of participating vendors is coming soon!


How to shop the Harvest Market Hop:

Make Time

Set aside time to really focus on the show. We have a wonderful list of vendors and products and we want you to be able to see all of them! While taking time to travel is not an obstacle of this show, making time in your everyday routine will be. We encourage you to shop from your office or from home so you can avoid the constant interruptions of the shop.

Catch Up

During the show, the home page of the website is where you can go to be social with the vendors. Each participating vendor will have a blog post (listed A-Z) for you to read. They will each talk about (and show pictures) what’s new with their business and what special products they’re featuring for the show. Feel free to leave comments on each post for the vendor and check back for their responses!

Make a List

We all know how hard it is to stay organized at a show. To help, we’re creating a Shopping List. The list will include product and pricing information for all of the vendors. Feel free to print it out and take notes!

Hop Till You Drop

On the hop page of the website, you will find a list of the vendors. During the show each vendor will link to a spot on THEIR OWN website where they’ll show you what they’re featuring. This way they can give you more detailed information about each of their new products. Look for things like stitch count, linen and thread information, etc. on these pages. Be sure to take notes on your Shopping List as you go.

Don’t Hop and Stop

There are lots of vendors and products to see. Resist the urge to just hit your favorites and then stop. Please take the time to see what everyone is offering.

Plan a Market Day

Each vendor (unless otherwise noted) is planning to ship your orders the week of September 14th. We hope you will plan a Market Day event in your shop for your customers to come and see what you found!

Keep it Quiet

The vendors are asking buyers NOT to share photos of their Harvest Market Hop products until the show is closed. We want the shops who take the time to participate in the show to get priority for their orders. After the show concludes you may share as you always do, with the permission of the vendor.

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